Becoming her bad boy

Becoming her bad boy

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Gabriela C By theagabc Updated Nov 11, 2016

"You killed my bestfriend." He said.

She was an average girl, living her life away from prying eyes but has secrets of her own - secrets that she would appreciate if kept unknown.

On the other hand, he was the resident bad boy - famous for being a jerk and a law student but he has his own stories to tell.

Now, what would you do if the bad boy knows something about you?

Something that you, yourself, don't know?

As two worlds meet, will they uncover each other - for the better or for the worst?

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lilsis25 lilsis25 Mar 04, 2016
We all have this one friend... you love them but want to puch the fudge out of them!
Queen_Beat Queen_Beat Apr 19, 2016
I knew a guy named Gonzales... Only it was his first name. Now thats literally the only thing I'm gonna see... Oh well. At least the guy I knew is hott
TiaJenn TiaJenn Nov 11, 2016
Gee the bad boy brought her home (her getting home doesn't concern her?) & thinks she is flirting with her brother? Haha
23StoryTeller 23StoryTeller Aug 17, 2016
Wait...are they in high school or college?
                              Because she said he was a law student but the setting feels like a high I was just asking.
QueenPookie4602 QueenPookie4602 Apr 23, 2016
All they do is smirk smirk smirk no matter what 
                              Got bitches on they mind, they can never get enough.......... Someone finish this please (its a bad boy song😏😜)
justcallmeanja justcallmeanja Aug 26, 2015
I have the exact same belief.. I'm exactly like that. I always leave when the time comes in my opinion :/