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Lady Cassandra Greenwich and her best friend Lady Emilia Lockwood has everything young women in Victorian England could want. Wealth, beauty and the pick of all the bachelors fashionable London society has to offer. But the fiery women are uninspired to find love among the insipid gentlemen who prowl the drawing rooms of the elite ton. 

Ladies of leisure by day and masked avengers by night, Cassie and Em find themselves investigating a string of suspicious murders in London. Unable to make much headway on their own, the pair stumbles across four strangers who will change their lives forever. Is the Marquis and Marchioness of Konstantin what they pretend to be – just another well-to-do, striking couple? And what of their two incredibly attractive male companions? Who are they and how are they related to the murders?

Will Cassie and Em solve the mystery of the murders and perhaps find true love at the same time, or have the two friends finally bitten off more than they can possibly chew?

Magnesia Magnesia Jan 16, 2013
I noticed something....the phrase "taking her hands in hers" seemed a bit odd for i the only one who noticed this? btw awesome book out there! really interesting! :)
AAAnonymous AAAnonymous Sep 22, 2012
This is awesome!! I know it's really hard to write in third person, and yet you make this story so engaging!! great job!!
ladyofglencairn ladyofglencairn May 03, 2012
@may_girl34 Oh! And I also got some clips from "The Tudors" as well! :)
ladyofglencairn ladyofglencairn May 03, 2012
@may_girl34 Im *so* sorry for the late reply! The clips I used were from the music video to the french song, "Je Fais De Toi Mon Essentiel" ( as well as from movie clips from the film, "Casanova" with Sienna Miller and Heath Ledger. :)
ladyofglencairn ladyofglencairn May 30, 2011
@obsidianbutterfly13 Thank you! :) @mattxell Thanks! I had so much fun writing it. @Sabrinax3 @WarriorangEl03 Thank for reading! @Protector784 No it wasnt. Why?@nekoriel Thanks!! :D