Imperfectly Perfect {Donatello X Reader}

Imperfectly Perfect {Donatello X Reader}

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|ワンダー|Wonder| By Songs_Of_The_Fallen Updated Sep 05

(Y/n) has always been alone. Through her parents divorce, her best friends death, and living on the streets to escape her father.

Her mind has always been a dark nightmarish hell- something that no one can change.

Every day is spent pondering on what is the reason she is still alive for.

No one loves her- it wouldn't have taken a genius to find out why.

Life just couldn't get better!

She hates herself, and decides to go on the highest building and end it all.

And then she met him, and everything seemed fine- even with a few bumps along the road. 

Then her past came back to haunt her.

But together (Y/n) and Donatello, can fix this.

They can get through it together- through all the hate and resentment.

Because nothing can pull them apart.

Because together- these two smart, restless teenagers are...  



Everyone has that small shadow in their head.
                              Mine's named Thantose
Yep! Pretty much sums up my life...
                              That's why I act like there's nothing wrong and focus on others... Keeps me from my mind
I am also depressed and I call my shadow in my head 'Nico' *wink*
the black is my happy color *curls up into a ball in the corner and hisses*
Damn mine came crashing down when I was 11 I guess I was lucky
Emily Rose Mclanken
                              I know boring not cool and uncreative but it is the best I can di