Bad Melody (Seven Deadly Sins #3)

Bad Melody (Seven Deadly Sins #3)

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Wendy Writes By WendyWrites Updated Oct 07, 2018

Eliza and Dante just managed to defeat Wrath and fend off Lust while gaining another thirty days to beat Asher at his own game, but is their growing partnership strong enough to tackle Greed? 

Cody Murphy dreams of being bigger than Nirvana and with his band finally getting the notice they deserve, he's sure they're well on their way. However, a series of weird accidents threaten to derail his band's success, and he can't shake the feeling of being watched day and night - even in his dreams. His situation goes from bad to worse when a girl he's never met before starts sniffing around, asking too many questions and risking his band's new found popularity. But Cody didn't use the last of the band's cash for anything less than total world domination, and his desire to permanently rid himself of his pesky new fan seems to grow with every note.

Can Eliza and Dante stop Cody before he succumbs to his sin's influence or will Greed use its encore to end Eliza once and for all?

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