Bully •A Draco Malfoy Love Story•

Bully •A Draco Malfoy Love Story•

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It's the sixth year at Hogwarts for Allison Mayhem. With her friends being the Golden Trio and Luna Lovegood, she's on top of the world. Gryffindor being her house and she takes much pride as she's on the Quiditch team. With only Luna knowing that her whole family is death eaters, she has to hide it from everyone else. She's the classclown but secretly smarter than everyone, including Hermione Granger. 

Draco Malfoy on the otherhand is the typical bully. And when kids are making fun of Lunas pale blonde hair, Draco creates an anti-bullying campaign as a joke. But when Dumbledore takes it seriously, Draco becomes a goodguy- but not by choice. So with all the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws and even some Gryffindors congratulating  Draco for his heroic actions, he gets more and more mad. And when Allison is forced to become a death eater just as Draco is, they become closer. 

Even when Allison doesnt want anything to do with him. Their forced relationship makes her fall harder for him. And their tasks create a bond that wont be able to be seperated.

key8264 key8264 Feb 08
Oh God. The maze runner fans unite. 
                              *speaks in Gally's voice*
                              Listen up, you dumb shank. This isn't a Maze Runner fabric. Yet the shuck outta here.
-sassyjjones -sassyjjones Nov 29, 2016
Ron and Allison are the perfect description of my life with my fam
Krazykittenrules Krazykittenrules Nov 17, 2016
In year 5 me and my class went on a residential trip. And at the end I got a certificate for having the biggest appetite.
pottre pottre Sep 17, 2016
"good always comes out of the bad"
                              are you saying that's what happened when you came out of your mother's you know what because
coralreef911 coralreef911 Aug 09, 2016
Her name is Kaia Scadelario or something like that. Just search up Teresa from the maze runner
WTF_ineedhelp_ WTF_ineedhelp_ Aug 25, 2016
Before I start to read I'm reading so I don't focus on the purge I'm kinda scared