We All Fall Down (BoyxManxMan+)

We All Fall Down (BoyxManxMan+)

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Mrs. Tumnus By YaoiLuvr4Lyf Completed

At his fathers deathbed, Erik Spice vowed to himself that he would be a quarter of the man his father was. He devoted his life to everybody and anybody who needed help, not expecting anybody to truly take him up on his generous offer. 

Yet, now he has a household growing with young men. Starting with a boy of fourteen, Erik Spice has worked his way to the position he is in now, fighting tooth and nail to help those who needed it. 

This is a book about how Erik Spice got to that position. 
It follows 'Mr Spice & Everything Nice' which will possibly want to be read first. 

Themes of a polyamorous relationship will be present, however they will not come into the book for a couple of chapters. However, if you have read 'Mr Spice & Everything Nice' then you should be expecting the polyamorous relationship. 

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Haha!!! I saw Lukas' then death mint and I was so confused my brain had a fart happen
I think the small opening in the trees is where Lukas will be buried :(
Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Aug 13
My mum is in the room, but I so glad that she can't actually see my face right now...
Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Aug 13
I think my heart just melted
                                ___    ___
                              /      v      \
                              \                /
                              |  \          / |
                              | |   \    /  | |
                              | |     v |  U
                              | |        | |
                              U        | |
Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Aug 13
When I read basil and paprika, I stopped and was like "When did they get there" then I remembered that they were plants and he was picking them... 
                              In had a brain fart...
_Macadonia_ _Macadonia_ Oct 10
Ooohhhh. I thought being called sir was just his kink lmao..