Burning Desire

Burning Desire

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Resa Ricah By Richa_resa Updated Oct 12

There is nothing like first love but then there is true love. A love that stands there for you even in the worst times, that is what love is. 

I only understood it afterwards when I was left alone. Love has what held me tight but when it was taken away from me brutally by everyone who loved me I was initially lost. 

But then he came, he was there standing beside me, with me. All I had was him and the life I took on. 
However when the time came to face him and his love I ran away to destroy others. I didn't care who they were to me, what they once meant to me. I just had one thing on my mind and that was to burn them with my hatred and will of revenge. 

But the path isn't easy, not when there are too many emotions involved and there stands a burning desire inside of you for the man who made you see what love is.

Valencia had her life turned into a hard one in  just months. The ties were broken and love just vanished even from those who she had grown up looking  up to. However, she came back just to break them. hurt them like they did by being influenced. But would she be able to do it?
Would she go against there wishes and do the unwanted? Would she able to succeed when there is one man for whom she has got a burning desire distracting her?  But the biggest question of all would she return back to whom she ran away from or be with a man whom she loved and who destroyed her faith? Who would win?

A twisted tale of revenge and love. A tale about a woman who has a burning desire for revenge  and a man who owns her.

chaneldjojo chaneldjojo Mar 14
@Richa_resa, this got me super excited. I certainly cannot wait for this story to continue... Hope to read more about Valencia soon.
Dang missy I like her but please don't let this make her lose the guy that loves her
chaneldjojo chaneldjojo Sep 09
Finally an update, I have been waiting what feels like forever Richa.  thank you very much, I hope you will update regularly 😘
mpilusa mpilusa Sep 10
I have been reading this chapter slowly because i was afraid of its end, but all the same i finish it in less than 12 mins, that how good it was please try updating two chapters at least lol
@Richa_resa ur writing again my friend! I'm happy your back :) i am so excited to read this new story, first chapter and it got me sooo hooked already! I've got my eyes set on this story, I can't wait to read the rest! Keep writing.. I know you'll do great again! God bless :)
Oh my. This sounds really good. Looking forward to knowing more. Bring it on... Please.