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Text Message - Grant Gustin fanfic

Text Message - Grant Gustin fanfic

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꧁laura꧂ By toiletpapergrant Updated 2 days ago

in which a text message can change it all.

-dracosmalfoy -dracosmalfoy May 23, 2016
I would throw my phone across the room and start screaming and sobbing and singing and then I'd start spasming on my bed and just WHDHVSKSVWKS.
kyleemuy kyleemuy Dec 03, 2016
I'm fairly certain a celebrity would just be like "yo it's me. The famous celebrity.  Now you have my number go spread it on the Internet and such". I mean if i was famous and this happened i wouldn't say who i was to some stranger over text
AboveAndBelowAverage AboveAndBelowAverage May 26, 2016
Me: dude it's not cool to lie
                              Him: I'm not
                              Me: sure
                              Me: *blocks number like an idiot*
- - Dec 19, 2015
I always read this as a super dramatic ending... is that what it was supposed to be, or am I just weird?XD