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"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." -Elbert Hubbard

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She was everything but fine.

Being bullied has become a part of Gwen Patton's life, and all she ever wanted was a friend. Especially when every aspect of her life is miserable. So when she meets geeky and socially awkward, Max Henderson at Louis' Diner she intends on keeping the rumors about her and her past under wraps. But you can only pretend that everything is fine for so long until everything has been unraveled, then there is nothing left to do but to admit that you aren't, in fact, fine.

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I squeeze his hand to let him know I'm fine and that what he said doesn't bother me. In fact I expected that from Pa and an earful when we see each other whether that be tonight or tomorrow. I know for a fact that Pa will not forgive me for ruining what little percent he thought he had at moving forward in his career.

As we walk back to his house I murmur, "You look better without your hair covering up your beautiful eyes."

He looks at me surprised. "Really?" he questions incredulously.

I nod. "Why so surprised?"

"Because m-most people find m-my eye color a bit-t odd," he explains.

"Not me."

He stays silent for a minute digesting what I said before he murmurs into my ear, "And you look your b-best when no one is p-pushing you to dress a-as somebody you're n-not."

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kittenbrown kittenbrown Jun 10
I like how your very detailish and i can actually connect and feel the character
I'm retreading this for the third time, the writing is just very powerful. I absolutely love this book.
amayer65 amayer65 Oct 30, 2016
It I was her then I would bitch slap him so hard into three years from now 😄
cici141267 cici141267 May 04, 2016
Oh no her fathers cock sucking lips did not just open to say that to her -.-
Vale_0301_ Vale_0301_ Feb 10
Smart girl kids, say what they think without thinking of the impact, that's what I love most about them
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