Blood Bonds And Other Types Of Love

Blood Bonds And Other Types Of Love

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Mallory By Wonder_Writer Updated Jul 19, 2012

Want to know about my life? Picture this. Normal girl, going to school, nice parents, good friends. The only real problems I have: typical, type-A cheerleader girl trying to make my life miserable, a little behind in classes (not that much!), and the hot guy I have a crush on doesn't even know I exist. Pretty normal problems, right? Okay, so you've got a visual in your mind. Now throw this in the mix.

I'm a vampire.
Oh yeah, it can definitly get worse.

Remember said hot guy? Let's just say, biting him isn't a good idea. Especially when he turns out to be a NP. Which is a rare blood type that binds him forever to the first vampire who bites him.  Which happens to be me! He's always following me, insisting he know best for me, and that I should bite him again! Crazy!!! And get this, I tell him to knock it off and leave me a alone, but he's always there doing things that make me so... ugh! Sometimes I can barley stand him, but other times he so... Um, never mind, you didn't read that. 

Yours For Eternity (Or Untill I Fall Into A Fire),
Vallorie Nightingale <3

**Note**- This is a very old piece of work, one of the only long ones I put up here since I'm paranoid about theft (I'm not afraid to admit it). So please don't judge all my writing by just this story. Thanks! :)

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valborgs valborgs Aug 14, 2012
Please write more on blood bonds and other types of love. :-)
Wonder_Writer Wonder_Writer Jan 16, 2010
@ImagineThat: Hey!!! Nice to talk to you! Glad you thinkit's cool!!! Oh, and check it out, you can vote can vote for your favorite charater. Tersha and Reika are in the running too. :)
ImagineThat ImagineThat Dec 31, 2009
LOVE IT SIS! :)  Sounds so cool and I love the Yours for eternity (or until I fall into a fire) ! LOL :)  Awesomeness!