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ㅤ By 97KING Completed

❛  stay away from suga; he's nothing but trouble.   ❜

                  © 97KING 2015
                  [ yoongi/jungkook ]
                  [ completed ]

If Hobi ever becomes a model, the company that he'd work for is Neighbelline
yoonqook yoonqook 6 days ago
how do you make friends on your first day of school 
                              man i need tips
-aesthegi -aesthegi Aug 24, 2016
Poor namjoon is single
                              Actually no he might be that sexy straight lawyer
IAmYourEngel IAmYourEngel Feb 23, 2016
This is so gonna be weird because I don't ship suga and jungkook... Oh well me fighting
Kooks_Stalker_Jimin Kooks_Stalker_Jimin Feb 25, 2016
Dammit! The feel are already getting to my head, this is bad. And . . . well fck. I don't have any holy water. Damn you Hoseok. You SERIOUSLY just gave me a nucket of "Dirty Water?" What the HELL JUNG HOSEOK?!
hunhan967 hunhan967 Apr 08, 2016
I'm soooooooo excited to start reading this. I have been a big SugaxJungkook shipper since "I Need U", "Prologue", and "Run"!
                              Thanks in advance for the story :)