Unexpected  | Vkook #WATTYS2017

Unexpected | Vkook #WATTYS2017

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Yoonmin's daughter By igotyesSwaeg Completed

"Hyung, be my sex tutor."

Little did he know, just by that one little sentence he said... Would make a big change of everything. Would he able to succeed on getting his happily ever after?

Or will he fail and will let his life turn into a miserable ending?



DianaJimin5 DianaJimin5 2 days ago
You asked him for sex and now a kiss is a crazy idea ? Wtf 😂
chai2004 chai2004 Sep 18
My life was changed soo many times I don't know who I am anymore
-taeluvkookie- -taeluvkookie- 6 days ago
I'm sitting in bed at 1a.m, just picturing this and it is beautiful
Fire1418 Fire1418 a day ago
Same tbh *sighs* The good old days 😂😭 Now I'm dirty minded af! 😂😱 @kimyasmine95
Kpop_Forever_Love Kpop_Forever_Love 5 days ago
When I thought this was a love story between A girl and Taehyung lol