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The Unexpected  | Vkook

The Unexpected | Vkook

331K Reads 13.7K Votes 36 Part Story
Yoonmin's daughter By igotyesSwaeg Completed

Jungkook, an innocent cutie maknae who knows no naughty things. He is absolutely pure and no one could ever beat him.

Until one day, he borrows his hyung's (Jimin's) laptop and to see things he never seen before. That one thing that made his mind change into someone different.

He doesn't know.

He knows no clue.

That's why...

That's what the reason why,

He wants to learn.

"Hyung, be my sex tutor."

Little did he know, just by that one little sentence he said... Would make a big change of everything. Would he able to succeed on getting his happily ever after?

Or will he fail and will let his life turn into a miserable ending?



-AmazingPhil -AmazingPhil a day ago
Why does Jimin have these downloaded though, just watch them on the website tf
nyanphanfruit nyanphanfruit 4 days ago
The action itself is fairly inocent but when you put it like that it sounds kinky asf like you could say "taehyung asked the younger to pour the bowl of cereal. Jungkook, of course, obeyed" Now i may be sexually attracted to cereal pouring this is surreal
nyanphanfruit nyanphanfruit 4 days ago
theres nothing that could have prepared me for that one I'm-
taegug taegug 2 days ago
its pictures of puppies jungkook wtf i thought you knew this already
hotteokinfires hotteokinfires 6 days ago
Hmm it's been a while since I've heard the word 'frick fracking' lmao but WTF RIP INNOCENT JUNGKOOK