The Unpredictable (Vkook)

The Unpredictable (Vkook)

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AuthorGolden By ssecnirpgaws Completed

Jungkook, an innocent cutie maknae who knows no naughty things. He is absolutely pure and no one could ever beat him.

Until one day, he borrows his hyung's (Jimin's) laptop and to see things he never seen before. That one thing that made his mind change into someone different.

He doesn't know.

He knows no clue.

That's why...

That's what the reason why,

He wants to learn.

"Hyung, be my sex tutor."

Little did he know, just by that one little sentence he said... Would make a big change of everything. Would he able to succeed on getting his happily ever after?

Or will he fail and will let his life turn into a miserable ending?



yaoi-bts yaoi-bts Feb 07
Jimini, you sly dog ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (bye bye innonce, said Jungkook with a single tear)
minjinga minjinga Feb 05
i read that in a really dumb voice because there is no 'you' and im laughing so hard oml 😂😂
                              uGhHH jOonIE
                              wut do want? tel mae
minjinga minjinga Feb 05
i wanted to say something funny but i saw the comments and i have to acknowledge how amazing they are
yaoi-bts yaoi-bts Feb 08
Am I weird because everyone is like "awww" and there's me waiting for the smut
Btsvminie Btsvminie Jan 24
Reminded me when Jin asked Jimin what the difference between a popo and a kiss was then asked jungkook and he started scrubbing himself innocence 101