Unexpected  | Taekook #WATTYS2017

Unexpected | Taekook #WATTYS2017

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Yoonmin's daughter By igotyesSwaeg Completed

"Hyung, be my sex tutor."

Little did he know, just by that one little sentence he said... will make a big change of everything. Will he able to succeed on getting his happily ever after?

Or will he fail and let his life turn into a miserable unexpected ending?



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__minyoongs__ __minyoongs__ 21 hours ago
Oh I’m hella ready my life left me 2 years ago so I would like to see tHis
ryomyo ryomyo 2 days ago
I watched Boku No Pico when I was 9. But I actually saw a fxcking clip of that shxt when I was like 5-6. 
                              *laughing sadly*
__minyoongs__ __minyoongs__ 21 hours ago
The best description of me, a horny fan girl that is on her period
AngelinaAntonucci6 AngelinaAntonucci6 21 hours ago
I can't stop laughing!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
                              I'm WHEEZING
__minyoongs__ __minyoongs__ 21 hours ago
He’s lucky! He’s surrounded by horny gays, goddammit so lucky....
Jungkooks01 Jungkooks01 7 days ago
oh bitch pls 
                              I mean I'm soo perverted like I make dirty jokes in public like yeah you don't wanna know😂