Therianthrope: The Hybrid's Curse (Book 2)

Therianthrope: The Hybrid's Curse (Book 2)

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Book 2 of the Therianthrope Series *Unedited*
Lily Nawassa, human turned hybrid of vampire and werewolf by a mad doctor, is tasked to return home to help capture a former vampire king, but home is the last place she wants to go. Painful memories and James Lacrosse are there. 

James, a werewolf with a beastly shift, knows there is more to Lily's return than a simple family visit and accepts the order from his Alpha to find out why she is there.

Once all secrets are out, and the truth is known can Lily and James put their past behind them to stop the vampire king, Silvano or will history just repeat itself.

Oh! She had a baby! James is not going to be happy she kept it a secret
SCharles38 SCharles38 Mar 23
She's allowing her feelings of rejection to come between her child and his father. Smh she has NO reason to believe he would reject the child! He didn't even reject HER!!! She rejected him and this whole scene just pisses me off! She's an idiot!! So much for smart AND tough science lady smdh
fallenpride fallenpride Sep 20
Tbh I thought this was a book about Harry potter's mum and dad lol
Vukmira Vukmira Apr 06
Knowing Lilly. She probably never told James. To be honest and no offense to the creator but Lilly is a complete and utter bïtch in every definition of the word. Not necessarily in the 'in your face way' but in all of the little details.... And in the in your face way too now that I think about it
Vukmira Vukmira Apr 06
Good job naming him correctly. Not some stereotypical Eastern European name like Ivan or Vladimir (coming from a girl with at least five relatives named each of those😂)
SCharles38 SCharles38 Mar 24
OMG!!! It just occurred to me that she didn't even tell her FAMILY that she was with child!! Wow! Really don't like her smh 
                              What a coward! So many people left out of her life and her child's life simply because she's afraid of love smh such a shame