Dear Alice

Dear Alice

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"Just because there is no 'happily ever after', doesn't mean it wasn't the greatest love story ever told."

Harry Styles is on the verge of an existential crisis.

At just 22 years of age, a quarter of one the worlds biggest rock bands, a multimillionaire with almost 30 million Twitter followers and too many stalkers to keep track of, he is seriously starting to reconsider his life.

Who is he?

For what reason was he put on this earth?

Why the hell was he taking advice from Louis Tomlinson?

When Harry randomly crosses paths with the outgoing, carefree and effervescent Alice, it is as if all his questions are answered. 

She is is his reason for being.

But will it all end in heartache?

Does everything end badly?

In the end, how do you say goodbye to the one person you  know you can't live without?

"I loved every single bit of this story. It took me so long to finish it because your way with words had me emotionally involved at such a deep level that sometimes it was too much. You told this story beautifully, and it's without a doubt one of the best ones I've read on Wattpad! Congrats for this, you're a true talent!" - elean0rr1gby (author of "Home")

"This was one of the best stories I've read. I literally finished it in a few days. Couldn't quit ready. Well done. I laughed, I cried, and went through every emotion. Low how you ended it. Bravo! Great job!" - Hazzalove0601

"I couldn't be any more glad to find such a story as yours. I honestly couldn't comment on most of the parts because I didn't really have any words that could ever do justice to this story. You have officially earned the badge of a heart breaker as your story has ripped my heart into so many pieces... I love it, and I love you for writing such an amazing thing... it made me laugh, smile, cry (so damn hard... thank God I had some tissues in my pocket, though they weren't enough)." - shubhs198

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HSEd1997 HSEd1997 Sep 08, 2017
I don't know why...  But I can't imagine Harry smoking.. 😂
HSEd1997 HSEd1997 Sep 08, 2017
The prologue was amazing!! 
                              I can't wait to read the rest of the book ❤️
                              Btw I'm from Greece so I'm sorry if I make any grammar mistakes :)
auggie1D auggie1D Apr 03, 2017
I actually live in Ottawa, which isn't even remotely close to Vancouver but CANADA WOOHOO YEAH !!!!!!!
bradisbae17 bradisbae17 Mar 09, 2017
Love it but harry would never smoke he hated it when zayn, Liam and Louis would xx
cupcake_pose cupcake_pose Oct 28, 2016
Shannnxoxo Shannnxoxo Jul 30, 2015
Thank you darling. It is very unedited, so I apologise for the typos and bits and pieces that don't make sense. I'm just writing chapter 10 now x