Fire, Love, and Other Mishaps: A Collection of Leo Valdez x Reader Oneshots

Fire, Love, and Other Mishaps: A Collection of Leo Valdez x Reader Oneshots

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"I adore you, you crazy, gorgeous, wonderful (but also sometimes quite weird-but still very lovely) person."
~Random quote I found on the internet

Absolutely cheesy oneshots between you and Bad Boy Supreme, himself!

Edit: Requests now taken!

All characters belong to Rick Riordan, unless otherwise state by me. You belong to yourself!

Roseanne, Rose, or Rosie (mostly Rose), blue, green, electric blue (awesome, I wish I actually had this eye color (I don't IRL)), VERY pale, dark blue in a constant braid, a jean skirt with black leggings, along with the CHB shirt, Poseidon, Anne
Samantha. Sammy for short.
                              Dark purple
                              Hazel green
                              Pale and freckled 
                              Purple to blue. Always down and flowing
                              Black skinny jeans, Band t-shirt, leather jacket. 
                              Hades or Zeus 
                              Liam (gay dude)
                              Ethan Jenkins; The Pendant (the book I'm writing to be published in ink and paper)
Zuria (nickname is Zhee)
                              Forest green
                              Earthly brown
                              Gray with gold flecks
                              Olive skin
                              Chestnut braid
                              Jeans, CHB crop top, and orange converses
                              Forbidden daughter of Artemis 
                              Dark Brown
                              Asian skin (don't know how to describe)
                              Jet Black
                              Jean Shorts with Light Teal Tank top with Palm Tree T-shirt
                              The House of Hades
Yay we get to choose our bff and parent!!!! No more khione for Melissa!
There's one little thing wrong...
                              *changes Sherlock to Arrow or Young Justice*
                              Perfect. XD