Possessing Caden (boyxboy)

Possessing Caden (boyxboy)

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andyy By andyyizcool Updated Nov 30, 2017

Caden's one and only friend Ethan would go to the ends of earth and back for him. Ethan may come off strong but Caden and him have been close for years and neither of them would ever want to change that. 

When feelings start to surface, Caden must figure out where his heart lies without damaging or potentially sacrificing their friendship. What happens when a boy from Caden's maths class tries to come into the picture? Will Ethan remain his typical possessive self? Or will he do what must be done to keep Caden happy?

Caden finds his whole world shifted upside down in a flurry of emotions and drama. To add to that, is the love of his life hiding a potentially dangerous secret from him?

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lexmarsh lexmarsh Jul 26, 2016
Already acting like an older married couple. 
                              "Honey I'm home"
                              "Oh come in darlin and shower my ãnus with your love"
lolipopeliz8 lolipopeliz8 Oct 26, 2016
Oh lord have mercy...the guy is really stupid like totally dumb he is asking are you mad at me when he is so possessive over him and make a full out make out session....
                              It is saying you are mine but I'm not yours completely!😭
Alex_del_rey_ Alex_del_rey_ Feb 04, 2017
If he had asked "What's his social security?" "Who's his uncles dog walker?"  He would sound like my mom
emeraldcity- emeraldcity- Dec 11, 2016
Me and my best friend are so possessive of each other, it's not even funny. Him and I aren't dating, but we always have to make sure that who the other is hanging out with is 'okay'. He goes CRAZY sometimes, but I do, too, so...
gigglesnkicks gigglesnkicks Jul 17, 2016
That's how moms act when you try to hang out with a friend they've never heard of.
AshtonFarts AshtonFarts Nov 10, 2016
BRUHH your stupid. You don't let Caden get any (specifically Thomas) but your going around kissing a hoe.  SMH