My Crush, My Teacher, My Rapist. [A student/teacher relationship]

My Crush, My Teacher, My Rapist. [A student/teacher relationship]

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Suzy By UltimateSoul Updated Aug 03, 2014

Three years ago 17 year old Rose Harper was raped by a mysterious man causing her life to go downhill. She doesn't know who he is or what he looks. But she remembers that he had the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen.  

Suffering from depression, anorexia and post traumatic stress, she moves away to live with her Aunt and Uncle for rehabilitation. Three years later, she is finally able to return to her family in Melbourne where she is determined to start  over her life; to finally get complete the last leg of her recovery. Going to school she is faced with her old friends who she'd ignored since the incident and they aren't going to play nice. 

Also, there's the new young teacher who's got everybody talking. Everybody's inlove with him. But when Rose meets him, she feels as if her recovery is unwinding instead of progressing. 
But is he really who everybody thinks he is? 
What happens when she is faced with her rapist again? 
What happens when she knows the truth? 
Find out now :)

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LilyYoung2 LilyYoung2 Jul 07, 2017
I'm I don't think it is vegetable but vegetarian 
                              But awesome work
KashisSethi KashisSethi May 17, 2017
Oh such a painful incident not for her but also every girl who have self dignity
Alice_Parker Alice_Parker Sep 26, 2016
When she got raped: I'm going to find that man kidnap him and toture him until he begs for mercy >:( (but 'cuz I believe in karma and this is just fiction I can't do it)
sharmishtra sharmishtra May 12, 2015
hey author..i hv read d story and frequently check here if u hv posted d next chapters.dear y did u stop in middle..please take ur own time to continue d story whatever best suits u ..just dont leave it half written
AngelOfDarkness505 AngelOfDarkness505 Mar 25, 2015
If he's twenty-six. and six years older than you, doesn't that make you twenty instead of 16 or 17?
My parents don't gotta tell me twice, hell, I'm already scared of the dark .