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The Voices Inside

The Voices Inside

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Skylia By SkyliaStorm Updated May 15, 2016


This is dedicate to @SuperJingleOffical1 for bringing this idea to me.

////~Blind!Dipper AU~\\\\

"He pathetic...and not to mention useless..."

Stop it...!

"Just!-...Just let us handle it for you sweetie."

Please...stop it...

"Dips! Come on! Would you-Never mind bro...How about I we do something else?" 

It's nothing like that.

It's NOTHING like that! And...AND YOU KNOW THAT! 

"Forget it...would you like it if I go get the nurse or guidance for you?"

"Look who it is! It's Blind-Boy!"

I felt the mocking pokes. Jabbing into my sides. The mocking hands of deceit poking me. Grabbing my arms and legs. Forcing me to stand. 

I felt the dark sinister hands go through my hair. After what seems like a nice jester. I felt my hair get pulled back. Forcing my face up.

"HEY! Knock it off! He's...he's just has a disabil-He's just different...okay?"

I can feel them you know...

They know my weakness. 

They can feel me.

And I...

Can feel them....

||||||||||~ I DO NOT OWN "Gravity Falls" IT IS OWNED BY Alex Hirsch AND IS UNDER Disney (XD) I DO NOT OWN THE Gravity characters mentioned in the story they are owned by Alex Hirsch!  ~||||||||||||

That_1Gurl That_1Gurl Feb 03, 2016
Billdip, Wendy/pacifica becomes a transferred student, reader-chan is dippers stalker neighbor
RobynCipher RobynCipher Jan 27, 2016
Omgawsh im fangirling.... Love this story and am massivly crushing on dip-dip.... 😊
- - Jan 27, 2016
YUS FINALLY AN UPDATE! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD OR SOMETHING! Wouldn't that be a shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
carlllzzz carlllzzz Jan 16, 2016
LITERALLY MY FAVVVV FAN FIC EVER WRITTEN EVER!!!!!!! love this sooooo much, when are you planning on updating?
Maddy_Pines Maddy_Pines Jan 02, 2016
Not to bother you SkyliaStorm but will you or when will you post a update
Piper_McLean_41 Piper_McLean_41 Dec 28, 2015
@SkyliaStorm not to bother u but when will there be an update on voices inside and blood is spilled?