Rena Ketsu :Her Beginning (NarutoWattyAwards 2nd Place 2016!!!!)

Rena Ketsu :Her Beginning (NarutoWattyAwards 2nd Place 2016!!!!)

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HIATUS By Rin_Chi_Hatake Completed

*******Notice: Formally known as "Rena Ketsu's: Her New Beginning********
"STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!", a man yelled.                   

I looked him in the eye and whispered,"I'm sorry." Then I chopped off his head and disappeared.                                                                          

"Hey did you hear 'the shadow reaper' came and killed another criminal last night."                                                                           

"We should be greatful that she kills all the people that have done wrong in this world."                                                                              

Who is this so called 'the shadow reaper'? The shadow reaper wears all black and the weapon of choice is a pure black scythe that is chained to the body. 

'The shadow reaper' looks like a shadow but with eyes so blue and cold it looks like their glowing.     

 What they don't know is that their so called 'The shadow reaper' is a GIRL. Her name is Rena Ketsu and she's only 12 years old. She is known in the bingo book as 'the shadow reaper'. She lives a double life one as a normal girl the other the famous 'shadow reaper'. One normal day she was crossing the Fire Country and fell a sleep in a tree. She is awaken by a few Leaf Ninja Jonin and forced to come to the Village Hidden in the Leaf. Once brought to the Hokage once again forced to stay and become a genin of the village. 

What caused Rena to live a double life? 

Will she stay or keep running?  

If she stays will she find love? 

What will happen if they found out her true idenity? 

What if you put 'the shadow reaper', 'the copy cat ninja', 'the number one hyperative knucklehead ninja', 'emo duckbut', and 'pink hair fangirl' in one team what will happen?

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Diomondlion101 Diomondlion101 Oct 24, 2017
While everyone was crying there heads off I was just like.......bruh
LilyZ75 LilyZ75 Sep 19, 2017
I love it, she basically hates everyone! 🤣😂 "people " 😅😂
Miaya_Gekkohara108 Miaya_Gekkohara108 Oct 14, 2017
I smiled when I read this part,I showed my cousin and she looked at me like 'WTF GURL!!!WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN READING!?!?!?!?!?'😂
RosedaKatsume RosedaKatsume Sep 22, 2017
Plot twist: Dumbledoor sent her to this world cause you know who is after ehr
Adripadher Adripadher Nov 02, 2017
I love how every single OC hates fangirls. It is ironic as they were most surely created by one.🙂✌🏻
animexnarutoxanime animexnarutoxanime Sep 13, 2017
my  blood pure but not my mind ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
                              ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ik u guys are to