He Found Me

He Found Me

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We all heard the story about when soul mates love each other deeply, they can never separate, right? 

Well, that was what Prince Nathaniel Edward Vaughan believed in until his soul mate ran away from him. 

As a consequence of his soul mate running away from him, Prince Nathaniel became a monster. He started killing people while searching for his soul mate. 

Five years later, he found Emily Florence. Claiming that she was his runaway soul mate, Prince Nathaniel was even more heartbroken to find that she was not what he was hoping to be. 

It is a story filled with mystery, humour, betrayal and most importantly, love. 

~ This is my first story
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Iglu1011 Iglu1011 Aug 23
Why is he killing Innocent people and why doesn't she remember who she is?
- - Jun 29
there may  be reason she did that
                              leaving  your soul mate isn't any easy decision
When you learn the truth,you won't be happy.Plus Nathan is my classmate's name and it makes me uncomfortable
Well Amily how about you go to Me cRuel yourself. Sigh the amnesia.
She left him cause he might of been mean,saying cuss words to her,or even torturing her.
                              And your supposed to love people from the heart.Love them for who they are.Not because they have so much 'miney and power'
Haha well you see.... about that girl who ran away... that's you darling