Under One Roof

Under One Roof

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✿张欣芝❀ By QueenMichelsa Completed

She spent her life running from everything after a terrible incident. She has nothing set on her mind but running away. But with her new job, it was as if her life has hit a brake when she finds herself moving into their dorm. Will she be able to run from this or did she finally hit the break of her run?

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                              Bias Wreckers- Vernon & Seungkwan
HuangShiya HuangShiya Jan 22
I dun know. It's like the moment you choose one , the others would start wrecking the bias list. So umm... Buy 1 get 12 free?
Oh... I thought it was Naega Hosh! I got my hopes up... 😥
TaehyungsSmileIsLife TaehyungsSmileIsLife Dec 28, 2016
^ the comments though. Also st time at this I remember a sentence from Monsta X's song 
                              "Shilihamnida*le bows while hand is waving no* excuse mah charisma*le put hands in the air like  joohooen(?)*"