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marijike By marijike Completed

You watched as the stylist fixed your makeup and hair. Today's your very first solo photoshoot without your group members. Well, it wasn't really a solo photo shoot. You were told that you will be joined by a male idol but didn't know who it was. You decided not to ask so that it would come as a surprise to you.

The stylist had dressed you in a simple tank top and pyjama shorts. You had very little makeup on and had sexy bed hair since the concept was "A Day at Home". You decided to meet the director to have a better idea of the shoot. As you approached the director, you noticed that there was another man who was with him. He looks too familiar. Perfectly tousled bed hair, basic tee and pyjama pants - even in this outfit, he looked exceptionally good looking.

"Oh, (Y/N) hi!" he turned around and gave you his signature eye smile. That was when your heart started beating even faster. Park Jimin, why do you still make me feel this way?

You knew Park Jimin from your trainee days. Befor...

KpopSoul7 KpopSoul7 Aug 11, 2016
Idk why but it's true. I always say bad boy but i love bad boy. Lol. It just that they're atractive
_pjm95 _pjm95 17 hours ago
Ive read this imagine countless of times but I dont think Ill ever get what happened
1ARMY_BTS 1ARMY_BTS Jul 22, 2016
It should be nappeun namja if u want to say bad boy
                              Saram is person
Aquajackson_ Aquajackson_ Oct 09, 2016
I just immediately thought of BigBang's Bad Boy. I'm sowwy But I'm a VIP too...don't judge meh