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You woke up from the rays of sunlight that leaked through the blinds. You squinted as you lifted your head only to feel a heavy weight on top of you. Your brows creased in confusion as you turned your head to see that it was only the left arm of your boyfriend, Jin that was wrapped around your waist. You smiled to yourself as you carefully turned around so that you were facing him with your back to the window.

You fell captivated as you admired your charming boyfriend as the light captured his angelic face so perfectly. You trailed his features from his long eyelashes to his flawless nose across his cheekbones, down to his sharp jaw-line. You smiled to yourself feeling extremely lucky that he was yours and only yours.

Hearing your smile, Jin smiled as well, "done staring ?" He asked.

Your expression dropped but you laughed, "when'd you wake up ?" You asked with a frown.

He opened his eyes and showed an amused smile, "does it matter ?" He asked playfully, "all that matters is that y...

KpopSoul7 KpopSoul7 Aug 11, 2016
Idk why but it's true. I always say bad boy but i love bad boy. Lol. It just that they're atractive
1ARMY_BTS 1ARMY_BTS Jul 22, 2016
It should be nappeun namja if u want to say bad boy
                              Saram is person
_Chiku004 _Chiku004 Sep 16, 2016
Literally me. So I live with my older bro and his gf and if im hungry af but there no food I will act like a complete puppy just for food and sit at that door scratching it
Aquajackson_ Aquajackson_ Oct 09, 2016
I just immediately thought of BigBang's Bad Boy. I'm sowwy But I'm a VIP too...don't judge meh