Jack Gilinsky x Sex Lessons

Jack Gilinsky x Sex Lessons

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Hello there babes ;))

If you're new to my books, you're now my 'babes' ♡

I felt like I needed to make another fanfic, so here I am. AND IF U DON'T LIKE THIS BOOK YOU CAN SIMPLY GRAB A JALAPEÑO AND STICK IT UP YOUR ASS. Other than that, enjoy :))) 



I instantly awoke from my daydream with an angry teacher in my face and the annoying bell ringing like crazy. 

"Dose this class look like a sleeping class?!" He screamed, I swear that I felt his spit land on my lip. 

I refused to even move my mouth, cause this old wreck just shared his DNA. 

"Get out and next time pay more attention in class, that takes off points of this semesters grade!" He screamed, I got out of there as quick as possible and quickly wiped off the spit. 

"You sure did have the sleep of your life." My friend Ashley chuckled walking up right next to me.

"What do you mean?" I said narrowing my eyes and looking at her. She bit her lip from laughing and looked over at Jasmine.

She grabbed her ph...

I have a Camaro...  Well I don't my dad does but you know what I meanb
OML😂😂😂♥thanks for making my night 😂😂😂😂
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She ran downstairs in nothing but a shirt.... Not suspicious at all