Shattered Appearances ✓

Shattered Appearances ✓

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No one stays the same forever. That's a lesson that Zoey Newman knew very well. After experiencing a series of tragic events two years prior, she thinks that she will never be able to return to the way that she was before. Forced to return to the place where it all started, Zoe must confront her past demons if she wants a chance to move on. To be happy. 

Enter Thomas Morgan. The naturally brooding brown haired boy has a dark past that just may be able to compete with Zoe. When they both meet each other by chance, they learn things that will change their lives forever. 

With time, it may be possible for them to cure each others sadness. Maybe, just maybe, they'll realize that you don't have to fake happiness to survive. You just have to have the right person. 

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JohilJohnsonHardy JohilJohnsonHardy Nov 30, 2016
I like the prologue, especially the first two paragraphs, both ideals that are easy to relate to, currently in trying to figure out which I believe in. I'm going to guess "he" is the father? Either way I like the way you introduced this man that made her life miserable, good start
booksarethewayoflife booksarethewayoflife Dec 08, 2016
you cant blame others for your pain,even though they may have caused it in the first place its yournresponsibility to make sure that doesnt control your life anymore.
roseofhope roseofhope Feb 04
                              This is very very good!  I liked the ideals you introduced here,  and I could feel Zoey's perspective and suffering and how she became this person she is at this story. Great job :)
JettaFrame JettaFrame Jul 03, 2016
Hello Nicole :) we're paired together for the old croonies book club so I'm going to be going through and picking up punctuation first, then will leave you an overall review on the chapter last. I'll highlight the word or phrase that needs to be fixed and then leave the correct one in its place :)
Rookayerh Rookayerh Feb 14
                              It think its good that you first gave a brief description of how Zoe is like, its makes me curious to know what happens after twelve years..... good job
xmydestinyx xmydestinyx Oct 25, 2016
Lovely start, I'm intrigued already, and I can't help but agree to the fact that people change ...And sometimes its sad. 
                              I want to know more about her mother, i'm just so shocked and so curious, cant wait to see what happens next!