omeeka: A beautiful mistake

omeeka: A beautiful mistake

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lenabean123456789 By lenabean123456789 Updated Oct 11, 2016


Nicki opens her eyes and as they slowly adjust to the bright lights coming from the open balcony across from her she notices she is naked and that this isn't her bed. Nicki sits up quickly keeping the sheets wrapped around her and then instantly begins to feel a throbbing pain behind her eyes.

Nicki- (groans in pain) ugggh 

Meek-(walks into the room from the balcony wearing only his boxers) oh good mourning beutiful ur awake

Nicki- meek? (holding her head)

Meek- (laughs lightly) I told u that u was gone be fucked up this mourning but you didn't want to listen. u know u a lightweight.

Nicki- rihmeek what r u talkin about? Where am I ? A-And why am I naked? (Nicki had so many questions she wanted to ask at once)

Meek- yo nic stop playing (continuing laughing)

Nicki- rihmeek I'm not playing with you tell me what is going on right NOW (in a stern voice) 

Meek-(Meeks smile quickly fades) nic u 4real don't remember nothing about last night ?

Nicki- obviously if I rememb...

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Mslady42 Mslady42 Aug 16, 2015
enjoying the first chapter so far its a good start ill keep commentting as I go
lenabean123456789 lenabean123456789 Jul 15, 2015
I wasn't sure if anyone would like it so I was waiting to write the next chapter
dajiah02 dajiah02 Jul 15, 2015
omggg yesssssss where is the next update.... I'm loving this