The Lupus Anax

The Lupus Anax

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sav ✨🌙 By StopSxv Updated Mar 14

Disclaimer: This story takes on the essence of Beauty and the Beast but of course, with a twist!


    The Hale family hid a secret from their only daughter, a daughter they nearly lost to a world beyond theirs' three years ago. When Xaviera Hale was kidnapped at the mere age of fourteen, her family was left with no option but to plead for the aid of inhumane creatures.

    Sav never believed in legends-stories, or twisted tales told from generation to generation to terrify children into good behavior. But the night she was kidnapped, every doubt to those fire side tales became her only hope. She'd never forget the glowing eyes that had gazed at her through the pouring rain-thunder still echoing in her ears. Yet worst of all, she'd never remember who had saved her after she had escaped from what was hell on Earth. Three years after the dreadful night, the Hale family is forced to move from Austin, Texas to Lake Tahoe, California. But what happens when an old, forgotten scar starts to burn more than usual-when every night it begins to feel as if someone's eyes are following her every move. 

    On a cold, snowy night, when Sav's taken from her home once more under the full beam of the Moon hanging in the sky, the legends come to life. Her forgotten memories and mysteries start to unravel. The chest tightening flash backs of dirty, rough hands gripping her with the utmost disgusting intentions. Only this time the man who takes her doesn't screech at her when she dares to breathe too loudly, doesn't lock her away in a dark, wet cellar to rot in her own filth. Instedad this mans strong stare is piercing, captivating blue pools pin their gaze on her when she enters a room, his words harsh but alluring. Every inch of his existence hard and radiating power, her attraction to him undeniable and all the more confusing. 

    Worst of all, he seems to be called something she can't seem to come to terms with. Half human and half beast, the Lupus Anax.

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