Best Friends "Brother"

Best Friends "Brother"

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lexycureton By lexycureton Updated Nov 21

Lexy's POV:

I woke up to the bright sun shining through my window. I heard my phone go off and it was a text from Sam. 

From: Sam👊🏻
You ready for the party tonight bff?


We always said bff as a joke since we've actually been best friends since 1st grade. His party started at 7:00 and I looked at the clock and it said 12:00. I got up and threw my hair in a messy bun and went downstairs for breakfast. 
"Good morning sleepy head" Makenzie said while watching tv. "Good morning sis" I said while grabbing Cheerios. Once i made my breakfast, i sat at the table and went on instagram. I saw that Sam posted a picture with this really hot guy named Colby. I've seen him in many pictures and I know they are best friends but i've never met him. I texted Sam and asked if Colby was coming to the party. When i saw that he responded yes, i was overwhelmed with excitement. 

****sorry this is really short! its just my first soo tell me how it is and if i should continue! xoxo****

Can yall quit ruing words it is not yesssss bitch who u spitin on it is yasssss
who_knows_her who_knows_her Nov 28, 2015
Want to read more! I am super interested in what you are writeing. Keep up the good work!
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I don't think my comment went through right ^^^ *laughing emoji*