What Am I To You? (Suga X Reader)

What Am I To You? (Suga X Reader)

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春/ Haru ♡ By jiy0ng Updated Apr 26, 2016

Authors note:
I'm quite aware that the first bit of the story is poorly written.
I'm also aware that, I wrote that a year ago and my writing improved.
Please feel free to not leave  negative comments telling me it's "too fast" and such. I already know. 
I'm not going to rewrite this book because of your opinion.
If you really are interested in this story please read until at least chapter 15, which is *in my opinion* when the story improves.
And if you're here to leave hate comments you should probably leave.

Thank you


NotInnocentChild NotInnocentChild Jul 16, 2016
I just made a book, and not yet complete. So I really need help if there are any wrong grammar. CAUSE I'M JUST SOME KID WRITING A FREAKING BOOK
sereinnn sereinnn May 17, 2016
Um how did I have a conversation with him in Korean then texted him in Korean if I only know so little
darkcharmprincess darkcharmprincess May 18, 2016
Could you maybe check out my fanfic, Converse High? It's only 16 parts as of last night, but I'm still a young writer - only been a member of wattpad for a few years. Thanks if you do~
kpop_anime_trash kpop_anime_trash Jun 21, 2016
But don't we barely know Korean? and yoongi barely knows English...
MadViks MadViks May 13, 2016
Im scared. Bcoz suga x reader fanfics always have upseting drama..and the last suga x reader had me crying at 5am xD...so yea..but its saturday and i havent read a suga x reader for a few months now so im ready to stay up all night!
LuvKookie1 LuvKookie1 Jun 03, 2016
I know the stuggle of speaking korean. I only know hello. How to count to 10. Sorry,a greeting like with ur name, stop it, yes , and no