Save Me

Save Me

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When Stiles dad turns back to his old way of drinking  and starts to abuse him Stiles doesn't know what to do. He doesn't tell anyone in hopes that it will go away. It doesn't it never will because people like that don't change.

Derek liked Stiles he had to admit he was perfect. But when Stiles starts showing up to pack meeting with bruises on his neck he has to convince himself to move on. That is until he got a call late one night that changed everything.


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Literally I quickly assumed that the last chapter cut off the rape part and I was about to leave
MalecSterek MalecSterek Aug 11
LMAOOOOO DEREK. NO. DEREK YOU STUPID BOY. NO. THOSE AREN'T HICKEYS. THE PAIN IS NOT COMING FROM HIS ASS IT'S FROM BEATINGS. Silly silly boy you'll catch on soon... Don't worry my sweet sweet Derek, Stiles is saving that for you.
i feel like derek THINKS hes not a virgin, but like plot twist, he got beat up last night
Mellie_x Mellie_x Aug 25
Either his dad raped him or Derek is mistaking his bruises for hickeys.
aimee99999 aimee99999 Sep 05
Noooo I love the relationship between stiles and his dad in the show