My monster Mate

My monster Mate

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Hi guys. My name is kiara and I love reading and writing.

Ummm rules?

1:this book is NOT edited so if you see something that says is edited............ Its a lie. Soooo just to let you know.
2: cause there is mistakes..... Bear with me. The first couple of chapters are AWFUL. Sooooo just warning you now.
3: don't start fights in the comments.
4: I'll try to answer to you all, or if you have something private for my book or a question, message me privately.

Ummmm can't think of anything else right now BUT

All copyright are preserved under the US and me.

If you copy this book, you will have to pay a fine because soon after I finish this book and edit it, it might get published. 

Oh and it'll be awesome if you make book trailers! Use your imagination.

Started this book: 7/22/15
Finished book: 7/10/16
P.s so many mistakes. Ugh. Its so bad lmao but I'm going to edit soon of ask someone to do it for me lol.

Thanks #gummiebears

So everyone is about to die and you think about pancakes? Giiiirl....
JayAnna15 JayAnna15 Jun 01
Shawn The Monster...why is this só hard to imagine?!
                              Oh yeah everytime I heard the name Shawn I always remember Shawn Mendes and he is a cute inocent little pie 😂😂
emmonono emmonono Jun 12
@pretty1075   If you want I can help you with editing. I am very good at english and looking over people's work.
The moment that ur best friend thinks ur brother is hot😁😖