Damaged (Teen Wolf) Book 5

Damaged (Teen Wolf) Book 5

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jinx1996 By jinx1996 Updated Mar 09

“I hate this place. If you ask me it’s more likely to send people mad than help them.”
       - Anna Fields to Jordan Parrish on Eichen House from 'Connected'
As time goes by Anna remains unfound and alone. With no way of telling the time, it soon becomes irrelevant... and so does she. Nights become days, days become nights. She sleeps, she eats, she breaths and she focusses on control. Perfecting what she is. Waiting for them to find her. For Scott and Stiles to burst through the door and take her home, but they don't. They gave up hope, but the Banshee, the deputy and the young beta never did. When they find her in a small white room sitting on the bed, her head buried in her knees and her blonde hair a mess around her once bright eyes, nothing will be as it was.
She's the same girl with the same powers, but she is not the same person who they lost all those months ago, but maybe this new untrusting, cold-hearted and merciless hybrid is just what the pack will need to survive Beacon Hill's latest threat.
But will they trust her? Will they realise that she is same girl, but simply broken and that this new act is just a mask. Or will they learn another truth? A truth that will force them to push Anna further away, breaking the last straw as the mask becomes her new true face.

This is book five, I recommend you read the others to get a better understanding, especially books three and four, (books 1 and 2 aren't my best writing, but you can just skim read through them)

I will only say this once... I do not own Teen Wolf or it's characters and plot lines, I do however own Anna, the creature that she is and any scenes/scenarios that are not in the show plus maybe a couple of other character that I may choose to create.
I am Australian so beware of different spelling e.g. 'mum' instead of 'mom' or 'colour' instead of 'color'

PARRISH AND ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aordan, Panna, Janna, or Aarrish.....
Lyrical_journey Lyrical_journey Jul 20, 2015
Everything she accomplish is always awesome. I was sad that she wasn't found but now I'm happy since she can learnt so much
queenfernandeez queenfernandeez Jul 18, 2015
i think that isaac should return soon and they should be together  they were my fav couple of the whole series
battaaa battaaa Jul 18, 2015
I love all your books in this series, like seriously they're all amazing! Every time an update would show, I would read it within 10 minutes of me seeing the notification! Pleaseeeeeee update because the storyline is getting so good and I really want to know what happens next!!!
PilarRaeSchrage PilarRaeSchrage Jul 18, 2015
I think she and Derek should be together again sometime. they were great together. Especially now that they both have control.
PilarRaeSchrage PilarRaeSchrage Jul 18, 2015
I'm sorry i had to ask lol that won't happen but i mean logically speaking it could.