One Year Contract(BTS JIN)

One Year Contract(BTS JIN)

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Ami{Hyemi} ψ(`∇´)ψ By Baby_Pika_Ami Completed


"I am not going to marry him"
"Nor am I going to marry you, you pig!"
"Yah I am not a pig!"

The heir of the BigHit company Kim SeokJin has an arrange marriage with Min EunHee, sister of Suga. Their marriage were already set when their parents had made a promise in college that they want their children to be together. 
Apparently EunHee is not the kind of average girl, she's huge because she loves to eat. Jin felt disgusted because he has to marry an overweight girl. 
The only thing they can do is sign the contract and stay with each other for one year then they'll divorce.
In that one year of time will their hearts change?
Started: July 11, 2015
Completed: August 27, 2015

Ayota2003 Ayota2003 Jan 12
Well thats yoongi dont mess with him or you should prepare your grave ^^
-jungkink -jungkink Nov 07, 2016
*cough* not Jin *cough 
                              *cough Eomma married Namjoon *cough*
jem52902 jem52902 Apr 27, 2016
they both love food...they're already perfect for each other