They Do Exist

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Haley By RealityismyNightmare Updated 2 years ago
Do you believe in elves? What about magical far off kingdoms? Layla didn't believe in anything but her boring life and awkward demeanor.  That is until the dying wish of her grandmother sends an Elf Prince into her life only to turn it completely upsidedown.
This is amazing and fantastic <3 your writing is absolutely great, i love it :D i was wondering if you'd do me the favor of reading my story? I'd really really super appreciate it <3 thanks (:
I love the story, but I'm just including that the song by mayday parade is actually talking about him cheating on his lover with someone who he sees as better, in case you didn't know.
                                    Other than that perfect story. I'm hooked. c;
Elves, something different.
                                    I love your writing, looking to see more soon :) 
You're an amazing writer!
                                    Keep writing !
                                    PS I didn't spot any grammar or spelling mistakes (x