Grayson Dolan imagines

Grayson Dolan imagines

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Bebeex By donttalktomeormyson Updated Dec 27, 2016

 *Y/N's POV*

It was currently 10 AM and I had just woken up.

Today at 2 PM my best friend, Y/BFF/N was gonna pick me up to go to the mall.

I got up and did all my hiegenic things, showering, brushing my teeth etc...

After that, since it was Fall, I put on my white and blue half sleeve baseball tee, dark wash jeans and my wheat Timberlands.

I left my medium length light brown hair down and it was in beach waves( It had been a while since she had showered so it was dry.)

I put on very light and natural-looking makeup.

It was currently 11:15 so I decided to go downstairs and get a protein bar.

I grabbed the bar in my hand and as soon as I grabbed it, there was a knock on the door.

I yelled, "I'm getting the door!". I grabbed a bite of my granola bar and opened the door.

I opened the door to reveal the one and only, Mr.Grayson Dolan😏😍😍🔥

*Grayson's POV*

I was going to Jack's house to make a new Youtube video but I was going alone since Ethan is sick.

As soon as my mom dropp...

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znhlle znhlle Sep 08, 2017
I would have been blasting that so loud he would have to scream yell and dance to get my attention.
How did she hear that? If that was me he would have to break my door down
dallasndolan dallasndolan May 19, 2017
YAS!!! I thought I was the only one!! his laugh is so HAWT& FUNNY!!
AS2104 AS2104 Jul 03, 2017
YAS especially when he read dirty fan-fiction and the extreme try not to laugh challenge
silentchick23 silentchick23 Aug 08, 2016
And why did she lick the the door if the guys were in the house. Sorry to sound so stupid just trying to help. Story is great grouch :)
silentchick23 silentchick23 Aug 08, 2016
But you said she left her phone in her room, went downstairs got a text that she was here then went back up to her room to get her phone...... Confusing.