shes special (Ohshc X Reader X Fandoms)

shes special (Ohshc X Reader X Fandoms)

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o jee By i_am_bored432 Updated Jun 17, 2017

Her name is y/n l/n.her parents died when she was a little girl.she learned to raise herself on her own and do everything she got older she resumed her families business to make and sell weapons,she had more money than she knew what to do she helped fund a school.what happens when her butler insist that she join the school and a group of guys fall for her? will she push them away like everyone else? will she fall for one,or all of them?or will they all just be friend zoned? idk read and find out!


DISCLAIMER:I do NOT own ohshc the characters or you I only own the story plot.

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ArtJoyfulNeo ArtJoyfulNeo May 01, 2017
I just imagine my self opening the doors and I choke on 5 petals and a fly
AlienGeek51 AlienGeek51 Jul 29, 2017
I wouldn't call myself crazy....
                              I would call myself mentally hilarious.
- - Jul 13, 2017
I find this amusing since I turned the character into a female Sherlock Holmes xp
DaQuackin DaQuackin Jul 19, 2017
This is all my friends irl saying this to me! And all I say is: I'm homeschooled, I don't get out much.
DaQuackin DaQuackin Jul 19, 2017
I would too 😂 But, I'm homeschooled, so I do my work in my PJs.
ai43405 ai43405 Sep 14, 2017
Hahaha good joke😂😂😂😂*getting my chainsaw out*now get da fuq out of here before I'll cut into pieces😈😈😈😈😈