The bad boy's broken princess

The bad boy's broken princess

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catching_dreams By catching_dreamz99 Updated Sep 10, 2016

Samantha Marshall lived a life full of lies and betrayal. she is blamed by her mother, father and brother for an incident that she had nothing to do with. Sam has two little brothers who are the only ones that talk to her and don't blame her for what happens. Sam finds out the reason behind the incident which leads her to self harm and depression. Sam finds it hard to trust people. she only trusts her 3 best friends.

Zack Knight moved in with his dad for senior year. he got expelled from his previous high school,he is your typical high school bad boy. He happens to be Sam's neighbor and her best friend's step brother. Zack starts be very protective over Sam and he's bad boy image is slipping. Zack changes into someone else when hes around her.

what will Zack do when he finds out the truth and the reason for all her pain? will he help her forget or expose the person responsible for her pain?  There will be times where Zack wants to regain his image of bad boy but will he loose Sam in the process?


I love how you say sorry for a short story but you write long chapters so it's ok
sparkles1227 sparkles1227 Oct 13, 2016
I love cam he is so sweet and reminds me of my best friend from elementary school
tysia_333_ tysia_333_ Jul 09, 2015
it's great! don't stop writing, you've got a talent for that!