It was an arranged mistake

It was an arranged mistake

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fox27808 By fox27808 Updated Jan 11, 2016

"It's alright Dad, I will marry him." I said with tears rolling down my face. I buried my face into his arm, and slung my arm across his body to give him a hug as the tears came down uncontrollably from my eyes and fell on his chest.
"Thanks my dear.Now I can rest in peace." he said kissing me on the head and closing his beautiful eyes still wet with tears never to open them again. The man who was my father is now gone forever.
And this was how the horrible life I was now living started. 

Shirin was an ordinary 17 year old living a happy normal life with her parents and two sisters. Things suddenly changed when her father died leaving her along with her two sisters and a mother in a coma alone without any support. 
To top it off, according to her father she was to marry a rich business tycoon Sameer Yoonus. A ruthless and a beast of a man. He did not want her nor did he care about her after the marriage until that fateful when destiny had something else in store for  them.

AN: I had already updated this book till 12 chapters but deleted it due to some reasons but now I am rewriting it and will update the chapters faster okay?

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ahmadsqb ahmadsqb Apr 14, 2017
everything after first is 'arranged mistake'........  
                              i loved the title, though
AyomideOdukoya AyomideOdukoya Feb 23, 2017
I think it would be better if this part was in italics.....If you understand what I meant
- - Dec 09, 2015
AstaghfurAllah! Sister, its haram to question Allāh like that!!!
                              He is our creator, so He has wisdom and knowledge of what's the best for us.
                              Don't take me word the wrong way :)
srkbae srkbae Sep 14, 2015
Im sorry to say this to u girl....but these dreams ain't happening. ..sorry :-/
happyfeet20 happyfeet20 Aug 10, 2015
I am going to read this book and hopefully it as good as the prologue is.
rimabegum989 rimabegum989 Jul 13, 2015
Amazing chapter please update soon really want to read on and will be waiting for your next update