Sexy, Sweet & Dirty  |Gerard Way Imagine..|

Sexy, Sweet & Dirty |Gerard Way Imagine..|

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Amandah Arobi By AmandahArobi Updated Mar 02, 2013


            You wake up with a raging hangover, A man's arms cradling you around your abdomen. Looking  out your periphrial vision,  Some rather messy bright red hair is sprawled out behind you. "Ugh, my head.. What the hell did I do last night?" You mumble, sitting up and rubbing your neck. "You did a lot, And so did I." Turning around, you see a familiar smile, and figure. After your eyes adjust to the light you realize it was Gerard who had been cradling you in his arms, and this obviously was his house. "Holy fuck. Did we...?"  You say, quietly. Gerard nods and gets out of bed. "You mean you don't remember?" He raises an eyebrow, looking back at you as he's pulling his pants on. You shake your head and get out of bed as well. "I mean, I remember meeting you at Warped. Then afterwards we went out for drinks, I must've gotten wasted..Damn.." Gerard chuckles. "Well Fuck, Y/n. You sure sounded like you were having fun." He winks and messes your hair as he walks out of the ...

i'm one thousand percent sure this was in Onision's fanfic vid omg