Emison: The Principal

Emison: The Principal

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Emison By shaymishot Updated Aug 06, 2016

Alison POV:

"Hey girls, what is everyone talking about?" I say while sitting down with my friends for breakfast. 

Aria- "They are just talking about the new principal."

Hanna-"I heard that we will meet her today during lunch, and that she is only 24." 

Spencer-"We should get going girls five minutes till first period."

We all grab our stuff and head down to Mr.Fitz class. The class was boring for me as usual until I received a text from Hanna.

Hanna: I thought u told Paige that u don't like her. 

Ali: I did why are u asking?

Hanna: Bc she won't stop staring at u and it's creepy, don't tell me that u actually like her!

Ali: No that's gross, she is not my type!

Hanna: So u have a type ha?

Ali: Han will talk about it later the bell is about to ring.

The rest of the classes were boring, until it was finally lunch time. We were sitting down talking until we heard Mr.Fitz speaking on the microphone.

Mr.Fitz- "Everyone please calm down because the new principal is about to come a...

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Badassbaby96 Badassbaby96 Mar 29, 2017
This is honestly my favorite book because this is how I met my best friend 😊
poloxmitchell poloxmitchell Sep 05, 2016
That would be deranged if Ali and pig skin went out, that wouldn't ever happen but fuckin gross
emison13 emison13 Mar 29, 2016
Paige and Alison ?!?!?! Dear God,  this is a abomination 😂😂
pandmruruj pandmruruj Aug 15, 2016
If Paige and Alison...🤔 t-then that would be.. Palison?
                              Ew ew ew😷*vomits*
Call_Me_Chancey Call_Me_Chancey Jul 17, 2015
I'm imagining Emily and Alison having sex on Emily's desk...