That Special Summer

That Special Summer

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[First Kenneth San Jose fanfic on Wattpad]

For me, this story hella sucks bc I wrote it when I was 11 so uh there are shit sentences and parts so I hope u don't mind if u wanna read it


Bethany Smith has always been a cheerful girl. She had average grades, she's funny, and kind of a 'tomboy' girl.

She has a major crush on a dancer named Kenneth San Jose.

Her mother sends her to spend the summer with her mother's best friend but she doesn't want to go.

But what will happen when she finds out that her mother's best friend's son is her crush? Is she gonna agree to spend the summer with her mother's best friend? Or is she going to stay in her house? 

Find out in That Special Summer

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Chanceismylife Chanceismylife May 02, 2017
Ok I understand the technology. But come on. Pizza. Now that's a big no no.
sam_savage_7 sam_savage_7 Jan 31, 2017
I understand the electronics but no the PIZZA😢😢🍕🍕
happylilsmolbean happylilsmolbean Nov 11, 2016
And my English teacher says she doesn't believe in A's. She says only someone who is supposed to be in tenth grade gets those. The highest she'll give me is a C. No wonder why my mom doesn't trust me when I say I do my homework.
JAS044 JAS044 Feb 16, 2017
My mom wouldn't normally care if I got a b's because I normally get A's and 2 b's. But if I get a C. Ohhh there's gonna be some ass wooping.
TotalFangirl3016 TotalFangirl3016 Jul 15, 2016
Yooo chiiiiiilllllll ok gosh when you skipped dinner last night she didn't go all WildCat on you
                              *Highschool Musical Reference*
sam_savage_7 sam_savage_7 Jan 31, 2017
Wtf sorry for my language but you know what bad grades are F's and you sure dint want to see those