Eyes Wide Open »Liam Dunbar«(On Hold)

Eyes Wide Open »Liam Dunbar«(On Hold)

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LydiaStxlinski By LydiaStxlinski Updated Apr 08, 2016

" If you wolf out on me during 
a full moon, I will not hesitate
to slap you."

Tia Stilinski always knew there was something wrong in Beacon Hills. But she could never piece together what exactly it was. That was until her brother admitted himself to Eichen House. The towns crazy asylum.Tia knew her brother was always weird, and his friends were a little bit too but Tia was pretty sure Eichen House was a little too far.

But she the found out about the supernatural creatures roaming around Beacon Hills, and was pretty sure sending yourself to the mental asylum wasn't such a bad idea.

But when an assain comes to kill all these supernatural creatures, Tia immediately stepped in to help the McCall pack fight him off. While doing so she meets easily angered Liam Dunbar, and the two immediately connect, helping each other deal with everything they have been through and the dangers that approach.

☆[On Hold-ish]☆

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dalyaffja25 dalyaffja25 Mar 13, 2017
Dont worry the death cure will come to the rescue especially page 250
metz04 metz04 Jul 25, 2016
I keep reading Tia and start thinking of my aunt because Tia means aunt in Spanish
- - Dec 30, 2015
" Gotta keep eyes wide open. So much that I don't know." I love  how Sabrina is on the cover and the tittle is one of her songs.
youdontknowmeq youdontknowmeq Aug 28, 2015
I just started reading, but I already love it omg. Maybe it's just bc it's Teen Wolf, but you're also a very good writer! thumbs up :)