The Tattoo {NaLu}

The Tattoo {NaLu}

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Natsu's POV
"Come on!" I begged and dragged Gray into a nearby Bar. He groaned and scowled at me.

"I have better things to do then get drunk with you Flame-Breath!" He snapped, but reluctantly followed me in the Bar.

"Then why are you following me?" I smirked at him as I let go of him. He followed me and continued to scowl.

"I don't want you getting drunk, then getting into a car accident or something... Be glad I care." He said and crossed his arms.

I laughed at him and hopped on a bar stool, "I'll take anything you have, please." I told the bartender. He made a face at me and went to get me a drink.

He came back and handed me a glass then looked at Gray, "You want anything?" He asked with an annoyed look. 

"Water, Please" Gray ordered and took out his phone. I looked at him and tried to read his facial expressions. He smiled and his eyes shined with happiness.

"Your wife?" I guessed. He looked up and nodded.

"What'd she say?" I asked him. He grinned and showed me his phone. I...

Watashi wa natsu o chikau anata wa chi no kinzoku batto de jimen ni nokkuauto sa retadarou kanojo ni anata ga sorera no akuma no yōna me o suru shunkan
Natsu's really adorable and all but he might be going a little too fast. He's like, I got to make her mine and I'm here making the I have no clue what's going on help me eyes.
I face times a guy (don't worry, he is my best friend) and I was wearing my underwear and I didn't realise until I saw that he was wearing a blue shirt
How do girls come up with these things?
                              *All guys look at me*
                              What? I'm really a boy, trapped in a girls body
Natsu wa hontōni airashī, subete no daga, kare wa sukoshi haya sugite iku koto ga arimasu. Kare wa watashi ga kanojo no kōzan o tsukuru tame ni motte, watashi wa koko de watashi wa watashi o tasukeru me ni nani ga okotte iru no ka kentōmotsukanai tsukutteru nda, nadodesu.