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My shadow. (Rogue x Lucy)

My shadow. (Rogue x Lucy)

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Im_a_kill_you By Im_a_kill_you Updated Jul 10, 2015

~flashback 3 days ago~

"Lucy weres your boyfriend?"asked Erza wanting to blame Natsu for eating her cake.

"I have no idea... im a look for him"i said and went out of the guild i walked around it and i heard Natsu's voice and Lisannas? 

"Natsu this is wrong you got a girlfriend"i heard Lisanna say i stayed still to hear what Natsu will respond.

"She'll never know. I dont love her i love you Lis and allow me to come on"Natsu said. This hurt me why would he!?

"Fine"said Lisanna. Why would she do that to me. I then lean a little to see them making out. I stayed silent and walked to the guild crying.

"Lucy is everything ok?"asked Erza.

"I found Natsu"i said.

"Were is he can you take me?"she asked concerned but angry. I nod.

"Look"i wisperd. She looked at Natsu and Lisanna making out. She got furious but i told her to calm down and not say a word yet. We walked in the guild again.

"Let me explain"said Erza she told everyone and i just cried.

"Hey blondie want me to beat him up?"as...

AdenShep AdenShep Jan 17
Wow he puts on a poker face to not show his crazy emotions. And in over her fangirling like YEEEEEESSSSS THANK YOU SO MUCH AUTHOR~CHAN
cookie_job cookie_job Jun 22, 2016
I don't think that that was what he was thinking....😼😼😼😈
I vote girl.  Kagura has said and I quote "My word SHE is quite the charming little creature" and "I've always wanted a little sister"
FattyPotatoe FattyPotatoe Oct 10, 2016
If you want to the rest just do it 
                              XD get the secret message in there?
KinanaMisoTayaki KinanaMisoTayaki Nov 13, 2016
                              And i hope you all get that hes probably just trying to sleep with Fro...
                              Lucys a bonus in this situation.
KinanaMisoTayaki KinanaMisoTayaki Nov 13, 2016
The power of Frosh is scary...
                              And yet i would do the same thing because Frosh is Frosh.