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My shadow. (Rogue x Lucy)

My shadow. (Rogue x Lucy)

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Im_a_kill_you By Im_a_kill_you Updated Jul 10, 2015

~flashback 3 days ago~

"Lucy weres your boyfriend?"asked Erza wanting to blame Natsu for eating her cake.

"I have no idea... im a look for him"i said and went out of the guild i walked around it and i heard Natsu's voice and Lisannas? 

"Natsu this is wrong you got a girlfriend"i heard Lisanna say i stayed still to hear what Natsu will respond.

"She'll never know. I dont love her i love you Lis and allow me to come on"Natsu said. This hurt me why would he!?

"Fine"said Lisanna. Why would she do that to me. I then lean a little to see them making out. I stayed silent and walked to the guild crying.

"Lucy is everything ok?"asked Erza.

"I found Natsu"i said.

"Were is he can you take me?"she asked concerned but angry. I nod.

"Look"i wisperd. She looked at Natsu and Lisanna making out. She got furious but i told her to calm down and not say a word yet. We walked in the guild again.

"Let me explain"said Erza she told everyone and i just cried.

"Hey blondie want me to beat him up?"as...

Emos can have emotion! And he isn't emo, he's just quite and likes the color black
leeaunna leeaunna Apr 04
I'm pretty sure he is low-key having a nosebleed. I'm surprised he didn't react. Just wait till they wake up together.
What's with the strawberry milkshakes?! It's in every fanfic I've read!! Does it say in the Manga or anime that she gets that?!
AdenShep AdenShep Jan 17
Wow he puts on a poker face to not show his crazy emotions. And in over her fangirling like YEEEEEESSSSS THANK YOU SO MUCH AUTHOR~CHAN
I vote girl.  Kagura has said and I quote "My word SHE is quite the charming little creature" and "I've always wanted a little sister"
FattyPotatoe FattyPotatoe Oct 10, 2016
If you want to the rest just do it 
                              XD get the secret message in there?