Adopted By Markiplier (COMPLETED)

Adopted By Markiplier (COMPLETED)

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Juliplier By Smosh__Lover Completed

13 year old Krystal has been in the orphanage since she was 4. Her parents died in a tragic house fire,  along with her twin brother, Michael. 9 years later, she would have never thought that this adoption day, she would be adopted. But she's in for a surprise.

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier): A man who's afraid to screw up. 

Krystal: A girl who just wants out of the orphanage, away from her past.

Both: They just want to get along...

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YES PLEASE! Take me out of this hellhole--er, this shi--, nope. I mean this, um...yea i got nothing. Just get me out of this shitty hellhole, please
I'm re-reading this book I haven't read in ages. This is the first markiplier book I've read and is my favourite forever. ♡
You want pink I want red, you want purple I want dark blue, and you want white I want black
I’m gonna pretend she doesn’t have highlights lol bc THEYRE ugly
If this was adopted by jacksepticeye it would be  especially that Billy kid. He was an ass
If a person has a pink shirt that says "gamer girl" I will assume they aren't a gaming type of person.