Adopted By Markiplier (COMPLETED)

Adopted By Markiplier (COMPLETED)

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Juliplier By Smosh__Lover Completed

13 year old Krystal has been in the orphanage since she was 4. Her parents died in a tragic house fire,  along with her twin brother, Michael. 9 years later, she would have never thought that this adoption day, she would be adopted. But she's in for a surprise.

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier): A man who's afraid to screw up. 

Krystal: A girl who just wants out of the orphanage, away from her past.

Both: They just want to get along...

My opinion is one loving parent is better then no loving parent
Omg I'm in a doctor's office and I can't stop laughing because of these comments
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"Oh look at this tiny box!It's so tiny!oh I'm gonna call you tiny box tim,your gonna come with me on an adventure tiny box tim!"
Lucky ass girl I wish that was my life just not with all the bright colors
I like that she doesn't know who's is markiplier u did a good job!