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L.L. Ford By LLFord Updated Aug 31, 2015

A New Time-Travel / Fantasy Romantic Suspense that I'm just fleshing out...

Frankie is a born and bred Carolina girl, through and through.  She is as independent as she is carefree.  She takes everything in stride, committed to living a happy life raising her adult, yet younger twin brother (younger by seven whole minutes) and roommate, Aiden.  He is her closest friend and only remaining relative... and she would do anything for him.  Basically, when he turns on the puppy-dog eyes and puts a pout on his face, she gives - every time.  

The day she skips out of the house, flipping him the bird for demanding she fetch some celery for his Superbowl party, everything changes.  Chances are she'll remember that as the last time she laid eyes on her baby brother.  And, she'd been giving him crap.  

Now , she's being torn between two exceedingly gorgeous men; tangled up in a world of impossible changes and unbelievable tales; learning things she wished like hell she could un-learn.  The worst part is knowing that she can't ever return to the life she once had or the brother who's memory she's been stripped out of.  How does a girl regain her happiness and move on with a life that never existed?