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Percy Jackson The Water Mutant

Percy Jackson The Water Mutant

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Ellie By lokisgloriouspurpose Updated Apr 09, 2016

It's just a regular mission for SHIELD agents Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff. Bust some heads, take the illegal objects, and put people in jail. Pretty simple right? Wrong. In an old abandoned home, they find a kid with green eyes that practically glow. There's a couple things off about the kid. The first and foremost is his eyes, the second is his past, and the third is his edgy attitude around water. The Avengers wonder just who this kid is. And oh boy, will they find out. NO GREEK MYTHOLOGY. MOST CHARACTERS BELONG TO MARVEL OR RICK RIORDON.

Softband Softband Mar 25
OMG I feel really sorry for Percy. Like, REALLY REALLY sorry.
TheOneOfManyNames TheOneOfManyNames Jul 25, 2016
It's not really a Percy Jackson story if there is no greek mytholygy. It still is one, just not fully
EmmaDoherty917 EmmaDoherty917 Mar 30, 2016
you know it's bad when one of the willing options is death, AWSOME CHAPTER though
Maelstrom_Blue Maelstrom_Blue Jun 07, 2016
I'm the most critical person in the world so I'll try to tone down the comments - please do tell me to stop if I get carried away. Xx I mean no harm!
dam_u_percy dam_u_percy Feb 05, 2016
*sniffle* no Greek mythology... Means Percy can't be a god... It means Percy can't be the god of sass...):
                              NO HATE, STORY SOUNDS AWESOME:::::://///&&.2$2,@$2,@'xaigxwigrf
YoungKillers YoungKillers Dec 11, 2015
So many grammar errors that I can't even read the story without getting distracted by them.