Mine ( SoulxMaka ) ( SoMa)

Mine ( SoulxMaka ) ( SoMa)

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:P By SoMa__ Updated Dec 28, 2015

Before this chapter starts, I just wanted to say that it's been awhile so Maka and Soul kinda act different now.🌙 and I'll update once this gets 1 vote.
(Maka's Pov) 
"It's been awhile since we defeated the kishin, about 3 years ago maybe" 

" Yeah, I guess you can say that." Soul says as he looks up at me. 
" You look a lot different now....... and you actually have boobs now too, tiny tits." Soul s says and laughs. 

" SOUL!!, well of course I've changed, I was only 15 ."

"Chill, I'm gonna get changed and get some breakfast, You should come with me." Soul said with a smirk. 

" alright let me get ready ." ( Maka's outfit is at the top)
I straitened my blonde her witch had an ombré with brown at the bottom now. and I brushed my teeth, ect. 

"Alright I'm ready!" I said as I ran out of my room. 

"Okay let's go." soul said and grabbed the keys. 
He was wearing a white shirt that said vans in black, some khakis and some whites vans. 

" Alright." I said and walked out the door followi...

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cristalblood1 cristalblood1 Aug 29, 2017
Normally I hate pervs but he's a f wit a perv u can be around😔
Natsuloveforever Natsuloveforever Dec 11, 2017
If she is ugly why is he trying to get in her panties, like wtf
cristalblood1 cristalblood1 Aug 29, 2017
If she was not interrupted she would sat "have a boyfriend=3" I would slap a b
creativequeen34 creativequeen34 May 29, 2017
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                              That how frustrated I am for no reason
khawlitta211003 khawlitta211003 Oct 25, 2017
Why does he even wants to get in her pants if she is ugly there is no logic in his words
Why is she a crybaby at home but a total badass in battle like wtf