The Nerd's Revenge ( #1 Revenge Series ) | ✔

The Nerd's Revenge ( #1 Revenge Series ) | ✔

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!Ember-Lee! By EmberLee22 Completed

"Was this all some game to you?" He aksed. "No l------." "Save it," he said. "I should've known," he said, "that time you invited me to the music festival. It was all for him." 

"Yes it was b-----" "That's all I need to know," he said turning and heading towards the door. "Wait," I said grabbing his hand. He stopped......


Jessie O'Brien is DONE with bullying. Last summer she went from geek to chic. 

She said goodbye to her suspenders and said hello to crop tops. She's ready to become, living, breathing proof that, karma is a b*tch.

Every person has a breaking point and they just crossed it. What they don't know is, they' expectations unleashed a beast and she's not going back into her cage anytime soon. 

Love, hate and revenge not a very good combination......

  • badboy
  • bullying
  • highschool
  • makeover
  • nerd
  • revenge
Izzy_Daweirdo Izzy_Daweirdo Dec 06, 2016
EXCUSE ME WHO MADE THIS POOR GIRL GO TO THE SCHOOL FILLED WITH BìTCHES its called self defense idiots all of you are busy laughing while truly inside you are laughing because you are scared of being in her spot
Bas1cBean Bas1cBean Jun 30, 2016
THE BURGH! HOME OF THE STEELERSS, PIRATES, AND PENGUINS?....I THINK? This is really said. I am from Pittsburgh and I know barley anything about it, but I can tell you all about the ancient cite of Pompeii
nerdygamer55 nerdygamer55 Nov 29, 2016
Hold on if she was jealous of Nina wouldn't she have slapped Nina
Izzy_Daweirdo Izzy_Daweirdo Dec 06, 2016
If her cousins act like that I could be her cousin LOL I love them already😂😂
- - Mar 13, 2016
I was on the verge of crying... you can't just do that it took me 2 minutes to recover from laughing too hard..WILLIE