The Beta's Baby

The Beta's Baby

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Peyton Meyers wasn't expecting to find her mate at her best friend's birthday party. 

She also wasn't expecting to wake up naked and alone. But don't forget, pregnant.

After finding out she was pregnant, Peyton left home for a whole year. Raising her baby boy wasn't easy on her own but she managed. 

When she has to return back home for her best friends wedding, she finds the one man that broke her heart and left her alone and pregnant. Her mate.

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Lol slowww doowwwnnn.✋✋.. Things are happening too fast they just had sex.! 😯 
                              I mean since it has that  "beta" its highly to get pregmat but still, they just had sex lol
cailynn1502 cailynn1502 Sep 20
Whaaaat what a cliffhanger it's not like the title of the book said she'd be a mom 
He tossed and turned to the sound of thunder. But I got watermelooon to soothe my slumber
What an aholle. imma cut his precious babies when i see him.
77Unicorn 77Unicorn Jun 21
What if you wait a few more weeks before doing the test? Why didn't you think in the pill after?
@77Unicorn this was my first book, so I'd appreciate it if you calmed down. I know that this book is terrible and a lot of things are way off, but I don't need you calling me out on it. So you can be pissed all you want, just know that everything you said, I already know.