Rejected, Loved, Mated

Rejected, Loved, Mated

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✨✨✨ By Estrellastar96 Completed

Lena Jordan is your typical college girl, working her way through school while getting as much of an education as she can. All she wanted was to get out of college without being noticed by her old pack and Alpha. That's right, she's a werewolf, she's a girl that can change into a rather large wolf. Throw in a little drama and a mate and you have the perfect storm for our loving heroine.

Jasper Carson is your average everyday hotshot Alpha. From his head down to his toes, he's the guy every girl wants by their side. With a trophy girlfriend by his side and the world at his fingertips, everything is going great for him. That is until a blast from the past comes into the picture and makes him realize what he's missing and what he wants. There comes a time when a man must stand up and be a man, and Lena just might be capable of making that happen.

What happens when these two are forced together by fate? Will the rejection end their futures or is there still a chance for them? Follow Lena and Jasper and find out whether this rejection will be permanent or if it can be fixed. Love can conquer all in a fairy tale, can it in real life?

NOTE: This book is unedited so there many be some typos and/or plot issues. As far as I know there isn't but I haven't gone back to check.

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